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Brighten up your office with our table lights and desk lamps. Great quality and EU regulated for safety, our selection of desk and floor lamps are fantastic value. The right lighting in an office or work space can make a significant difference to working efficiency and productivity, reducing eye strain and keeping us alert and focused through the day. We have stylish assortment of desk lights available for you.

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Lighten things up in your office with our desk lamps

When it comes to office lighting it can be very hit and miss if any table lamps actually get any use. Perhaps the design, while looking cool, actually stops it functioning well as simply extra light for your desk.

We believe everything we sell should have a purpose and furthermore be good at what it does. That's why you can be sure we have checked all of our desk lamps for usability and only stock the ones that work well in any office environment. Lighting is very important in an office. The right lighting can create a more alert and productive work environment.

Reduce eye strain with our office desk & table lighting

A very bright screen in the foreground with a much darker background can cause a lot of eye strain leading to headaches and migraines in the short term and much worse in the long term. Don't risk your employees eyes and well being! Shed some more light on the situation.

Adding a simple table lamp to each desk and providing that extra lighting to a workers space can make all the difference even if they decide not to use it you will have known you have provided all you can to keep your workers happy and safe in your office environment.

Electronics made safe

All our electronics and lights are made to the highest quality, and are inspected at every stage of manufacturing and again by EU officials who make sure our stock are safe to use around the world. Don't risk buying your lights from a non regulated outlet, maintain quality throughout your office and use us.


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