Monitor Arms and CPU Holders

Our monitor arms, computer tower holders and accessories are design to optimise your workstation. From your posture and position to the longevity of your equipment these accessories are ideal for ensuring the integrity of your work environment. 
Flush Wall Bracket VESA
Sling Fixed CPU Holder
Sling Slide CPU Holder
Luna Monitor Arm
Fixed CPU Holder Width and Height Adjustable
Triton Monitor Arm
Mobile Cart

Just the right height and position for your monitor

Our selection of monitor arms are available with different fittings and attachments to hold and adjust your computer screens while you work. This will help you to maintain a positive posture and position by keeping your monitors at the correct height and angle.

CPU holders will keep your computers off the ground and out of harms way

Your computers are expensive and hold a lot of valuable information on so don't keep it in the firing line for accidental jars and spillages while on the floor.

This will keep your machines up and away from dust and dirt that can often be sucked into the tower and leave a fine (or not so fine) coating of grime on the components that will cause them to over heat if you do not clean the inside of the machine regularly.

Once a component is constantly overheating the computer will become slow and eventually wear out. A well positioned computer tower holder can minimise the risk of this moving forward.

Extender arms for multiple screens at the same time

If you need to have more computer desktop space try adding on another screen and extending your browsing capability by up to three more screens, enough for anyone. If you think that sounds a little heavy for moving around try looking at our gas operated extender arms that will assist you with the motion in any direction you wish.

Keep your computer mobile

If you don't fancy a static CPU holder under your desk or to the side of it, you can try our mobile CPU holder that will allow you to wheel your computer tower around your office with ease. Don't risk lifting (and dropping) a heavy computer tower causing strain to you and your back, wheel it places you want and store it away when required.


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Monitor Arms and CPU Holders
Monitor Arms and CPU Holders